Lakshadweep Islands Beach

The beaches of Lakshadweep Islands are mesmerizing and fun-filled. They are the only genuine coral islands of India. The turquoise waters of Lakshadweep make it a dream destination. A visit to the various islands of Lakshadweep will help you to relax and admire its incredible beaches. The spectacular beauty of Lakshadweep’s coral beaches remain supreme. Only a few of these stunning and charming beaches of Lakshadweep are open to tourists.

The coconut canopies and the swaying palms, astounding coral reefs, silvery sand beaches, opulent marine life and the blue lagoons are all responsible for enhancing the beauty of Lakshadweep beaches.

Although it is only the Bangaram beach that is well equipped with accommodation and food provisions; one-day tours arrangements are made for tourists who are keen to visit the pristine beaches of Agatti, Androt, Kavaratti, Minicoy and Kalpeni. The central attraction of the Bangaram beach is the blue light that it gives out - this is due to the bioluminescent plankton that are deposited during high tide.

All the beaches of Lakshadweep offer a wonderful array of adventure and water sports. Experience ecstasy with sports such as windsurfing, snorkeling, yatching, kayaking and deep-sea fishing on these beaches. The less adventurous type could sunbathe in the fantastic beaches of Lakshadweep and sail in the glass-bottomed boat.

Set on the Arabian Sea resembling a cluster of gemstone, the Lakshadweep Island and its beaches are an ultimate paradise for those who have always desired to dive into the depth of the seabed and gaze the mystical and vibrant marine life.


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Lakshadweep Islands is beautifully scattered on the clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea, off the western coast of India.

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