Pondicherry Beach

Beach lovers and sun-worshippers will experience oodles of bliss in Pondicherry. The calm and soothing water, clear and bright sand, impressive seclusion and resorts and cottages providing a brilliant sight of the sea makes the beaches of Pondicherry an exotic destination for tourists.

Every beach of Pondicherry is special and unique in its own way. The sparkling and clean Serenity beach is best for swimming and sunbathing. The beaches of Pondicherry induce you to stroll or sit leisurely on the seashore. The Paradise beach is an ideal place for beach sport. While cruising in the sea one can watch the dolphins playing merrily.

The Karaikal Beach has a breathtaking view of the confluence Arasalar River and the sea and should not be missed. The boating club on this beach supplies tourists with rowing boats, pedaller boats and motorboats. Palm trees and fishing hamlets on the Mahe beach gives the beach a gracious look.

Pondicherry beaches are peaceful and awesome in their beauty. The beaches are adorned with palm trees that whisper and sway in the breeze. The breathtaking vision of the sunset and the exhilarating vision dawn and the gleaming sand under a morning sun brings in liveliness and radiance to the beaches. Explore the beaches of Pondicherry to savor this bit of exotica to its fullest.


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