Photoshoped or Not…!!

These are few photos you won’t believe are not photoshoped. Now people around the world are competing with others that who will make the coolest photoshoped photo, but there are many people who tend to use only their camera and imagination to fool the rest of the world with their little tricks. They take photos from a certain angle or use different tricks to make their photos look as if they were photoshopped. You will be really amazed what they have done to raise doubt in our minds

One half of this photo is a mirror and the other half is clear glass with a different girl standing outside. Isn’t it looks incredible?

So many traffic lights in one place truly must be photoshopped. Ohh it’s wrong! This is in fact a sculpture found in London, England.

These yellow letters are not hanging from the ceiling or floating in the air, they hold a different secret. The artist adjusted the angles of the letters to be seen from an appropriate perspective thus making an optical illusion

The guy in the photo is named as Nick de Wits. He is a biker from South Africa and this photo was taken during his performing at Giza. He’s not really standing on the pyramid but jumping. It was a lucky shot made by the photographer.

You believe its photoshoped. No you are wrong..!! However, this artist uses various tricks such as mirror, metal wires, scaffolding and acrobatics to create these unbelievable photos.

This headless horse would freak anyone out. This photo is either photoshopped or work of a great artist. What do you think? The truth is that this guy was lucky to capture the moment when the horse turned his head to the other side.

Believe it or not, this artistic photo is not photoshopped or altered in any way. It is just a reflection of a girl riding her bike in a puddle.

How is it possible that this water tap is flowing in air? The truth is it isn’t. There is actually a pipe going through the water flowing down and in that way it’s holding the whole thing. I know it can freak anyone out.


Ryan Jones said...

I've never tried those techniques with Adobe Photo Shop myself. Will have to make my own photofiction sometime.

Ashish said...

Ryan i think you misunderstood the 1st line of this post. Its written that these photos are not "photoshoped". They have just taken on perfect timing with some camera tricks and imagination. And i would like to see your photoshoped images. Keep reading. Thanks

Terrans said...

All of the pictures look photoshoped to me but this is how my eyes see them. I guess, I have to touch things to believe :))
I love your post, very creative. Found you after reading your review on the linkreferral.
Thank You,

Ashish said...

Thanks Terrans for reading my post. I saw your blog again. Its really cool but i think that your site is under construction. Create it fast. I am eager to visit it.

Terrans said...

Thank you for your nice review on linkreferral.
The web site was down temporary and now is on. You can visit anytime.

I am following you.
Love your blog!

Ashish said...

I am sorry but Terrans your site is still down.. Please check it out..!!

srikanth said...

very nice photos....

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