The Attractions Housed by Barry’s Amusements, Ireland

Are you going to Ireland during the next summer vacation? If yes, then one of the places you should not miss visiting is Barry’s Amusements. It is the biggest theme park of Ireland and is also one of the most visited sites by the tourists coming to this part of the world. The exact location of  Barry’s Amusements is at the central part of Portrush, a place located in the northern coast of Ireland. In this article, we’ll be discussing about the main attractions housed by the Barry’s Amusements.

Freak out:
This is basically a fairground ride based on a pendulum. This ride has chairs positioned around the pendulum’s bob; riders need to sit facing one another on these chairs. When in motion, the pendulum rises at a maximum height of 72 feet or 22 meters. As the pendulum swings, the chairs start rotating along the pendulum’s axis.

Big apple:
This ride is a roller coaster meant for the little ones in your family. The carts of this roller coaster are designed in a way so that they look like caterpillars. The ride is named so because it takes riders through a ‘big apple’; as the path covered by this ride is pretty short, kids get to enjoy two rotations every time they get into the ‘Big Apple’ roller coaster.

Barry’s express:
This kid’s ride was opened in the year 2008. The ride includes a train having 3 carriages, which runs along the theme park’s circular railway track. As the train runs, the carriages sway and famous musical tracks are played.
Ghost train:
Ghost train is a train ride that will take you slowly through a dark tunnel laden with scary items like ghosts, skeletons and witches. All through the ride, a ‘spooky’ music is played and every encounter with the scary items is made more realistic with creepy sound effects.